Forrester: SQL Azure Raises The Bar On Cloud Databases

image November 2nd 2010, Forester Research published a report around Microsoft SQL Azure.  The report can be found on Microsoft web site:

Basically, they interviewed 26 companies using the technology and concluded that:

  • SQL Azure is reliable
  • It delivers for small to medium scenarios
  • What seems to differentiate it from other cloud or DB vendors:
    • Multitenant architecture, which delivers better pricing
    • Easier to use

Currently the top size of SQL Azure is 50 Gb.  So «medium scenario» here might mean big or small for you depending where you are coming from.

Forrester positions Microsoft SQL Azure as a leader in their domain.  They do not have those fancy Gartner quadrant and curves that sits so well at cocktail party but it does deliver the goods:  SQL Azure rocks!

Now, just to show that I’m not only a zealot, I’m going to deliver a critic of one technical capability of SQL Azure in the next blog post 😉


One thought on “Forrester: SQL Azure Raises The Bar On Cloud Databases

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