Transport for London Moves to Windows Azure

I follow quite closely Windows Azure Team blog.  Many of the blog entries consist in “Real World Windows Azure” article where they interview company executive who just moved a piece of mission critical asset from their premise to the cloud using Windows Azure.

I still wait to see a Canadian example of those post, but so far nothing came by!

But…  a quite interesting variant on those articles was published in mid-December.  This was a much bigger asset than usual and Microsoft did a special announcement.

image The Transport for London (TfL) Trackernet data feed is now hosted in Windows Azure.  This is a real time feed about the status of the transport network.

I found it especially interesting because the size and the visibility of the application.  Sure, we’ve seen a lot of start up trying it out over the last couple of months, but TfL is an established institution, European at that, moving a key piece of public asset to the cloud.  This is an excellent credential!

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