Interview with a PM Leaving Microsoft

Mary-Jo Foley has an interesting interview with Hamilton Verissimo, the founder of the open-source Castle Project, who has been a PM in the .NET Fx team.

hamilton verissimoHe tells about his frustration about the company.  Of course, the interview is one-sided but it does pull the veil on the internal working of Microsoft company, which I always found instructive.

He reveals, for instance, that in his opinion, Microsoft follows a very waterfall process and that a small fraction of the resource (i.e. development team time) is spent actually creating new code.

As I said, the interview is one-sided and it was obvious from the get go that Verissimo was incompatible with Microsoft’s culture.  It might just be a cultural shock from somebody used to work in start-ups facing the structure of a massive company.  Nevertheless, the comments are interesting to read.

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