StreamInsight in the Cloud: Meet Project Codename “Austin”

Last week I’ve talked about Microsoft StreamInsight, an engine to do real time data analysis and a nice article overviewing at just the depth (for me anyway).

Well, StreamInsight might one day even be available in the cloud with Project Codename “Austin”.

Already available as a private CTP, this product will be a nice addition to Microsoft Cloud’s portfolio.  It’s a new product and making it available in the cloud nearly from the get go ensures that application that should be in the cloud will be instead of having those new apps deployed on premise which then add friction to move them to the cloud.

Of course StreamInsight isn’t a product with the same appeal as SQL Azure.  Without being vertical specific, it targets a narrow audience having volume of real time data (e.g. financial, oil, manufacturing, etc.).  But since data is getting cheaper everyday, more of it gets produced and stored so the appeal will likely grow in the coming years.

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