Azure Roadmap 2012

As other news about Azure spring 2012 roadmap are getting public, I am now at liberty of discussing them.

Here are the highlights:

  • As I discussed in a previous blog, Windows Azure will support Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), i.e. stateful VM roles.
  • %99.9 availability for single instances ; this is interesting since so far we had to have at least two instances of a service to get the %99.9 SLA.  This is very likely related to the new ability of Azure to transfer VM state from one server to another (see previous item)
  • UDP support!  We’ve noticed a high demand for this feature and the lack of support was a show stopper for gaming platforms.
  • File shipping via Hard Drives, especially useful for Media customers who previously had to upload their terabyte of movies
  • Better on-premise Active Directory support ; I do not know if this is through Azure Connect (IPSec VPN tunnelling through Azure) or Azure AppFabric Access Control with ADFS or something entirely new.
  • SQL Azure Reporting Services, in CTP for a while, Azure-side report processing, same tooling than on-premise

So Azure continues its maturing process, getting more and more features and hence enabling more and more scenarios.


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