Agile Trade-offs

It was very refreshing to read Paul Dolman-Darrall’s article about the trade-offs to adopt in an agile delivery model.

Agile is more than 10 years old but still have whimsical attributes of a brand new artefact.  I believe this isn’t unique to agile but tend to be the case for any delivery methodology.  It seems that however how long a methodology has been around, only a limited set of characteristics is remembered, barely understood and cited ad nauseam.

PMI?  Large project plan, rigid schedule.

Agile?  Stand up meetings, open bar (no scope keeping).

RUP?  Lots of deliverables, configurable.


Now Paul’s article dived beneath the surface, exploring different ways to use an agile methodology depending on what we want to optimize.  His analogy with athletes, body type and training is quite good:  e.g. a sprinter doesn’t train the same way as an ultra-marathoner, although both might be world-class athlete.  Also, trade-offs are part of success recipes:  no athlete can excel in both long & short distance.

This graph of his is especially good at expressing the idea of trade-offs in delivery:


What do you need to optimize in your project?

I encourage you to read Paul’s article.

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