NoSQL implementation concepts

While familiarizing ourselves with Microsoft new DocumentDB, a solid foundation on NoSQL doesn't hurt.

A few years ago, I saw a couple of great presentations on Channel9 (from a TechED if I am not mistaken) about Azure Storage. The presenters went into how partitioning works, how requests are routed, how consistency is ensure, how resiliency (in case of node failure) is insured, etc. . Those were quite specific to Azure Blob & Table storage.

Recently, I came across Ricky Ho's excellent NoSQL primer: NOSQL Patterns. This article has two main advantages:

This conceptual overview gives you an excellent background to better understand the mechanism behind Azure DocumentDB and its design tradeoffs.

Ricky goes into:

It is especially interesting while working with Azure DocumentDB since that product offers a lot of configurable tradeoffs (e.g. in terms of consistency policy, index building, etc.).

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