DocumentDB Studio first (beta) release

I finally done a first release of my latest project, DocumentDB Studio!

DocumentDB Studio is to Azure DocumentDB what SQL Management Studio is to SQL Server and SQL Azure: a one-stop shop to manage and interact with your DocumentDB.

The first release is quite minimalist and only let you:

  • Connect to different DocumentDB accounts
  • Create / delete databases within those accounts
  • Create / delete collections within databases

The next release should include ability to perform document insertion and queries.

I did start this project in order to palliate the lack of tool for Azure DocumentDB. That product is very interesting but I feel that having to code in order to toy with it is too high an entry barrier.

Document Studio aims at lowering the entry barrier and let potential users play around with the product.

Stay tune for more details on that project!


3 thoughts on “DocumentDB Studio first (beta) release

    1. Interesting! It’s ironic that the project has the same name but on a different code repository. I did look for alternative on codeplex before starting, but I should have looked elsewhere too.

      I’ll definitely take a look since I’m not moving very fast and that other project seems to be a bit further already.

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