Installing DocumentDB Studio

As I announced yesterday, I released the first Beta version of DocumentDB Studio.

DocumentDB Studio is to Azure DocumentDB what SQL Management Studio is to SQL Server and SQL Azure: a one-stop shop to manage and interact with your DocumentDB.

In this blog post I'll simply walk you through the installation process.


Simply go to and follow the big download link on the main page.

The current release is version but by the time you read this it might be higher.

The current deployment package is a zip file. I wanted to do a Click Once deployment but with a self-signing certificate, Windows 8 seems to refuse to execute it (for security reason), so I fell back on a local install. If you know a way around it, please drop me a line.

There are no install file, simply unzip the file somewhere, e.g. on your desktop. Execute StudioDocDB.exe:

If you run Windows 8, it might complain about the fact it doesn't recognize the application. In that case, click More Info:

Then click Run anyway

I'll try to smooth those things out in future release!

After those steps you should see the app!

4 responses

  1. gujju 2016-01-29 at 10:23

    Getting “The collection could not be read because it was created with a newer api version” error. Please release new version.

  2. Michael 2017-05-07 at 09:12

    This never gets past the Wait window on login. I think we need the endpoint somewhere? e.g. update the app? Any help appreciated. Thanks, M

  3. Vincent-Philippe Lauzon 2017-05-07 at 11:21

    That project is defunct. I would recommend you try which is actively maintained.

  4. Michael 2017-05-08 at 06:01

    Thank you Vincent. Peace, Michael

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