Corporate Cultures

It is said that Netflix represents the new I.T. corporation well.


If you are interested in seeing what their corporate culture looks like, have a look a the slide deck they show to their job candidates.

It has all the flair of the typical Silicon Valley shop with their “we know better than those bunch of twits” attitude, but their critics and response to “normal” corporation’s values is a good read.


But if you want something even more drastic, check-out Valve’s.  Valve Corporation (Video Game distributor, e.g. Half-Life) implements a drastic departure from normal corporation, a flat organization.  Their employee manual has an even more pamphlet feel to it.


In the same vein but in a Brazilian company not related to IT, a good watch is the following TED Talk Video.  Semco CEO Ricardo Semler gives a very inspiring talk about how he deconstructed the “boarding school” aspects of his company, by removing arrival time, desk location, even salary, out of management hands with apparently great success:  his company’s revenue grew many folds under his lead.



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