Listing Resources under Resource Group with Azure PowerShell

Simple task:  I want to list resources under a single ResourceGroup within one of the subscription.

This is an excuse to show how to login on different subscription and play a bit with the PowerShell Azure SDK.

First thing, start PowerShell Integrated Script Environment (ISE) with the Azure SDK loaded.


Login to your accounts…


This will prompt you to enter an ID + credentials.  Once you enter them, you should be in your subscription.

…  if you have more than one subscription?  Ok, that’s a little more complicated.

You need to find the subscription ID you are interested in.  Either go to to find it in the UI or…  use more PowerShell scripts:


Once you have your subscription ID, simply grab the ID and pass it to:

Add-AzureRmAccount –SubscriptionId <your subscription ID here>

This should prompt you again and afterwards, you’ll be in the context of the right subscription.

List resources under resource group

Now that you’re within the right subscription, let’s list the resource groups within that subscription:


This will give you the list of resources under that resource group.  Grab the resource group name and then you can list the resources underneath:

$res = Get-AzureRmResource | Where–Object {$_.ResourceGroupName –eq <You resource group name>}


That’s it!  I just wanted to get this ceremony out of the way.

You can build on that and use all different kind of cmdlets to query and manipulate your subscriptions.


4 thoughts on “Listing Resources under Resource Group with Azure PowerShell

  1. Try this-
    $groups = Get-AzureRmResourceGroup -Name
    foreach ($g in $groups)
    {Find-AzureRmResource -ResourceGroupNameEquals $g.ResourceGroupName | ForEach-
    Object {Get-AzureRmResource}}

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