How to do Data Science

These days, it’s all about Data Science.

What is Data Science?

Last month Brandon Rohrer, from the Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog, came up with an excellent post.

How to do Data Science?

The post basically goes over the workflow I reproduced at the right here.

I found this article both complete and succinct:  a very good read.

It goes through all the motions you need to go through while analysing data, from fixing an objective (asking a question), formatting the data to manipulating the data and finally throw that to some Machine Learning.

It is something of a badly kept secret that %95 of Machine Learning is Yak Shaving around massaging data.  This is why I like the terminology Data Science because it does includes all the data manipulation you need to do to feed the beast.

So I strongly encourage you to read the post on

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