Advanced Database Systems

This is a short post to recommend a course available online.

Rather than a technical course, this is a class at Carnegie Mellon University: Advanced Database Systems.

The class is given by Andy Pavlo and covers all the internal of advance database systems, focussing on in-memory.

We are taken on a journey to study:

I do not have the personal goal of writing the next big database but understand the internals of databases gave me a new depth on the topic and help me understand design choices of existing databases. The course often shows alternatives taken by different commercial, open source & academic databases and the impact of the design decisions.

It was recommended to me by a colleague and I strongly recommend it to you if you want to gain a broader and deeper knowledge of database systems.

It is a uni course hence it’s quite a bit of time investment even if we just listen without doing the project assignments (which looked pretty cool BTW). I must have spent 40 hours on it.

Find the course plan here and the YouTube playlist here.

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