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  • Azure Application Insights Role Name Nuget Package

    I’ve been using Azure Application Insights to monitor micro-services.

    Since I have many micro-services, it isn’t practical to have an Application Insight resource per service. Given that those micro-services interact with each other and I want to monitor those interactions, it makes sense to get all telemetry in one place.

    The issue with...

  • Dynamic disks in AKS

    Some workloads running on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) requires persisting state on disk.

    In general, I recommend to use external PaaS services, i.e. Azure Blob Storage, Azure SQL DB, Azure Cosmos DB, etc. . Those services take care of the stateful nature of the service, manages HA, backups, geo-replication, etc. .

    Persisting state...

  • Designing Distributed Systems by Brendan Burns

    In this article I wanted to talk about a book I just finished reading.

    Although its title and scope is around distributed systems in general, Brendan Burns discussion is mostly using containers & Kubernetes.

    Brendan Burns is currently (as of this writing in November 2018) at Microsoft. He is a cofounder of...

  • Using Azure DevOps REST API to start multiple releases

    Azure DevOps CI / CD (i.e. Build / Release) mechanism is very valuable to me. It makes things reproduceable & robust. It allows me to change whatever I want since I have this constant safety net underneath.

    For simple projects, having a build and release is fine. With micro-services I adopt the pattern of...