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  • 5 reasons to use Helm charts in Kubernetes

    Kubernetes is a big platform to absorb. It has a rich resource & networking model. In many ways it is a miniature version of a fully fledge cloud provider, abstracting the underlying cloud provider.

    That is my excuse for postponing addressing Helm for such a long time. Until today.

    I’ll look...

  • Azure Dev Ops CI / CD pipelines with AKS - Lessons learned

    I have this personal project where I have a swag of micro services collaborating to serve different web applications.

    I started to work on the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI / CD) using Azure DevOps.

    I did toy around those areas before. But this was really a rubber hits the road experience...

  • About Ingress in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

    I did a bit of experimentation with Kubernetes Ingress, more specifically NGINX, lately.

    I found the concept of Ingress utterly confusing at first. It is actually relatively simple. So, I thought I would share this sense of simplicity.

    This article is conceptual. There will be no code nor even Portal tour.

    If you want to ramp up on Ingress in...