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  • Docker multi-stage build

    dark-flight-launch-73872I recently came across a really nice feature of Docker Build and wanted to share it.

    Building a Docker Image often requires to build binaries.  In my case I needed to build a .NET core application.  You might need to build a Java App or any other types of...

  • Cosmos DB Stored Procedures - handling continuation

    astronomy-black-wallpaper-constellation-2150I’ve recently did some work involving Stored Procedures in Cosmos DB.

    There are a few techniques to learn when our stored procedures handle large data sets.  It is all about continuation.

    In this article, we’ll look at how to build a robust and scalable stored procedure.

    We’ll start with...

  • Cosmos DB Configuration Management

    black-board-bright-695266I often found the need to automate Cosmos DB deployments.

    I like to have users run an ARM template and be ready to go.  Automation is key component to repeatability.  It enables automated testing and increase agility in many other ways.

    ARM Templates don’t go beyond a database account.