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  • Solution SLAs in Azure

    pexels-photo-327533Let’s talk about Service Level Agreement (SLA) of your solution in Azure.

    Hal Berenson wrote a great article about SLA lately.  It is a great conceptual background for the present today.

    Here we want to focus on how you should proceed to come up with an SLA for...

  • Finding a VM Image Reference, Publisher & SKU

    craftsman-3008031_640Automation is great.

    I love to script solutions in Azure.

    But most of the time, that automation started with me fumbling and trialing different approaches in the portal.  Once I got something around what I wanted I’ll automate.

    I suspect you do the same thing.

    This is why today we’re going...

  • Recurrent serverless batch job with Azure Batch

    Dig gardenMost solutions have recurrent batch jobs, e.g. nightly / end-of-month batch jobs.

    There are many services we can leverage in Azure to run those.  In this article, we are going to explore a service that has “Batch” in its name:  Azure Batch.

    Azure Batch is typically positioned...