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  • Troubleshooting NSGs using Diagnostic Logs

    I’ve wrote about how to use Network Security Group (NSG) before.

    Chances are, once you get a complicated enough set of rules in a NSG, you’ll find yourself with NSGs that do not do what you think they should do.

    Troubleshooting NSGs isn’t trivial.

    I’ll try to give some guidance here but...

  • Azure SQL Elastic Pool – Database Size

    PlanetsI mentioned in a past article, regarding database sizes within an elastic pool:

    “No policies limit an individual database to take more storage although a database maximum size can be set on a per-database basis.”

    I’m going to focus on that in this article.

    An Azure SQL Database resource has...

  • Azure SQL Elastic Pool Overview

    What is rubber-bands-1158199_640[1] Azure SQL Elastic Pool and what it brings to Azure SQL Database, the SQL Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS).

    Traditional model

    Let’s look at how Azure SQL works without elastic pools first.

    imageAzure SQL Database comes with...