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  • Managing Azure AD Application members in Portal

    One of Azure AD’s powerful concept is the application.  It gives context to an authentication as we explained in this article.

    An application can also be used as an authorization barrier since we can manage an application members.  This is optional as by default, everyone in a tenant has access to its application.  But if we opt in to...

  • Sizing & Pricing Virtual Machines in Azure’m recurrently asked by customers similar questions around sizing & pricing of Virtual Machines (VMs), storage, etc. .  So I thought I would do a reusable asset in the form of this article.

    This is especially important if you are trying to size /...

  • Cloud vs Hosting / Outsourcing

    coal-1626368_640There is this recurring discussion with customers:  cloud is the new hosting.

    While there are angles to look at the cloud that bring similarities, I will argue it is a bad analogy that is more likely to mislead you than help you.

    I would argue further:  considering the cloud as...

  • Taking a snapshot of a Managed Disk

    We talked about Managed Disks, now let’s use them.

    Let’s snapshot a Managed Disk and restore the snapshot on another VM.

    Deploy ARM Template

    { "$schema": "", "contentVersion": "", "parameters": { "VM Admin User Name": { "defaultValue": "myadmin", "type": "string" }, "VM Admin Password": { "defaultValue": null, "type": "securestring" }, "VM Size": { "defaultValue": "Standard_DS4", "type": "string", "allowedValues":...