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  • Virtual Machine with 2 NICs

    Colorful Ethernet CableIn Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Network Interface Cards (NICs) are a first class resource.  You can defined them without a Virtual Machine.

    UPDATE:  As a reader kingly point out, NIC means Network Interface Controller, not Network Interface Card as I initially wrote.  Don’t be fooled by the Azure logo ;) 


  • Refactoring Tags in WordPress Blog

    imageI did refactor the tags of my blog this week end!

    I display the tags (as a word cloud) on the right-hand side of my pages.  The tags grew organically since I started blogging in 2010.

    As with many things that grow organically, it got out of hand with time. ...

  • Azure Active Directory Labs Series – Multi-Factor Authentication

    Back in June I had the pleasure of delivering a training on Azure Active Directory to two customer crowds.  I say pleasure because not only do I love to share knowledge but also, the preparation of the training forces me to go deep on some aspects of what I’m going to teach.

    In that training there were 8 labs...