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  • How does criticism hit your brain?

    Everybody loves a critic, right?  How do you give feedback to somebody and be effective, i.e. without your message getting deflected on their “shield”?


    An area I found especially hard to deliver constructive feedback is presentation / public speaking skills.  Criticizing the way somebody speaks or...

  • A first look at Azure Functions

    Medium[1]Back in summer 2010 I called for a notification mechanism within Azure, something that would call customer-defined code to take action when something happen within your subscription, e.g. a file added to blob storage, a message added to a queue, etc.  .

    Back then I called...

  • What is Statistics and why should you care?

    Unless you graduated in art, chances are you did a course in Statistics.

    Chances are you hated it.

    Most people I know postponed that course until the end of their degree, didn’t understand much about it and hated it dearly.

    I didn’t like it either and understood very little.

    A few...