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  • Securing REST API using Azure Active Directory

    Scenario:  you have a web & mobile front-end, both using a REST API as a back-end.  You want to secure that back-end with authentication / authorization.  How do you do that in Azure?


    There are obviously a bunch of ways to do that.  In this post, I’ll discuss the recommended...

  • Multi-Tenant SaaS with Azure Active Directory B2B & B2C

    Scenario:  I’m creating a Software as a Service (SaaS).  I’m having multiple customers & I want to manage their identity.  For some of my customers the users won’t have corporate identity ; I would like to offer them to login using their social identity (e.g. Facebook) if they want to or create an account on my site otherwise.  For other...

  • Azure Active Directory Application

    This is a quick post to talk about what an Application is for Azure Active Directory (or Azure AD or AAD).

    If you come from the on premise world and are used to Active Directory on Windows Server, the concept of an application within Active Directory probably is a bit foreign.

    Think about how authentication works in the...

  • Azure soft & hard limits & quotas

    One of the big difference between on premise and public cloud is the fact that a public cloud is a multi-tenant environment backed by SLAs.  That sounds trivial right?

    But think about it for a minute.  In order to implement an SLA, you need to enforce limits & quotas.  It’s the good old “you can’t rob Peter to pay John”. ...