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  • Load Balancing VMs in Azure Resource Manager

    Here I want to show, in details, how you would go about to expose load balanced web server VMs using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) resources.

    It sounds trivial but funnily enough I didn’t find an ARM template fully doing it without bugs.

    I want to explain how it works and all the moving pieces (and there are a few).  I’ll...

  • Finding ARM template ApiVersion

    Writing an Azure ARM template for a Resource Group is getting easier every day but it remains a sport for the initiated.

    Here I want to give a tip about something I often find hard:  how to get the API version of a resource in an ARM template?

    As everything hardcore in the platform,...

  • How to copy and backup SQL Databases in Azure

    Let’s say you want a copy of your database for some reasons.  Scenarios might vary.  Maybe you want to bring back production DB to another environment.

    There are at least three ways I could think to do that with the Azure Portal:

    • Copy the Database
    • Restore a version of the Database
    • Backup / Restore the current Database


  • Row Level Security in 3-tiers applications

    Row-Level Security is a great new feature in SQL.  It is already available in Azure SQL Database and will be available in SQL Server 2016.

    This is Cloud-First for you.

    Row-Level Security allows you to forbid a user to see and/or access data they shouldn’t be able to see.  Traditionally this is implemented at the application level, for...