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  • Checkpoints in ETL

    UPDATE (19-01-2016):  Have a look at Azure Data Lake series for more posts on Azure Data Lake.

    Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) are so 2000’s.  But then again, they are more popular than ever!

    On one hand, ETL are from an era where you didn’t care too much about real-time insights or couldn’t afford it because of technical limitation. ...

  • Using Network Security Groups (NSG) to secure network access to an environment

    Quite a few demos (including mines) ommit security for the sake of simplicity.  One area where you can secure your applications in Azure is in terms of Networking.

    Network Security Groups act as a firewall in the cloud.

    In this post, I’ll show you how to create a virtual network with 3 subnets:  front-end, middle & back-end.  We’ll then secure...

  • Beyond 2 concurrent connections in .NET

    I’m going to document this once and for all.

    The Problem

    Ethernet-Cable-icon[1]You want to an endpoint multiple times in parallel. Or maybe you want to call multiple endpoints under the same domain name. For instance, you might want to drill an API with multiple requests because the API doesn’t...

  • Azure Runbook - A complete (simple) example

    I meant to write about Azure Runbooks (also known as Azure Automation) for quite a while.

    I had the chance to be involved in the operations of a solution I helped architect.  When you get beyond trivial Azure Solution, like on premise, you’ll want to have some automations.  For instance, you’ll want to:

    • Clean up data at the...