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  • Beyond 2 concurrent connections in .NET

    I’m going to document this once and for all.

    The Problem

    Ethernet-Cable-icon[1]You want to an endpoint multiple times in parallel. Or maybe you want to call multiple endpoints under the same domain name. For instance, you might want to drill an API with multiple requests because the API doesn’t...

  • Azure Runbook - A complete (simple) example

    I meant to write about Azure Runbooks (also known as Azure Automation) for quite a while.

    I had the chance to be involved in the operations of a solution I helped architect.  When you get beyond trivial Azure Solution, like on premise, you’ll want to have some automations.  For instance, you’ll want to:

    • Clean up data at the...
  • Move Azure Resources between Resource Groups using Powershell

    Ouf…  I’ve been using Azure for quite a while in the old (current actually) portal.  Now I look into my resources in the new (preview) portal and…  what a mess of a resource group mosaic!

    Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, you can’t move resources from a Resource Group to another via the portal…


    If you’ve been there,...

  • Azure Basics: Premium Storage

    I thought I would do a lap around Azure Premium Storage to clear some fog.

    Premium storage is Solid State Drive (SSD) backed storage.  That means more expensive but mostly faster storage.

    You might have heard the numbers?

    • Up to 64 TB of SSD storage attached to a VM
    • Up to 80K IOPS per VM
    • Up to...