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  • Azure Basics: Premium Storage

    I thought I would do a lap around Azure Premium Storage to clear some fog.

    Premium storage is Solid State Drive (SSD) backed storage.  That means more expensive but mostly faster storage.

    You might have heard the numbers?

    • Up to 64 TB of SSD storage attached to a VM
    • Up to 80K IOPS per VM
    • Up to...
  • Azure basics: Availability sets

    What are availability sets in Azure?

    In a nutshell, they are a way to define declaratively policies about how your services (VMs, Apps, etc.) are deployed in order to ensure high availability.

    To get more specific, you need to understand two more concepts:  Fault Domain & Update Domain.

    Two physical machines in a Fault Domain share a common power source and...

  • Where is the statistics in Machine Learning?

    I often try to explain what Machine Learning is to people outside the field.  I’m not always good at it but I am getting better.

    One of the confusion I often get when I start to elaborate the details is the presence of statistics in Machine Learning.  For people outside the field, statistics are the stuff of survey or their...

  • HDInsight Hadoop Hive - CSV files analysis

    hive_logo_medium[1]Ok, on a past blog we’ve been setuping Azure HDInsight for some Hive fun.

    So let’s!

    Today I’ll go and analyse the data contained in multiple CSV files.  Those files will be created (in Excel) but in a real-world scenario, they could be either data dump on a file server...