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  • Hadoop ecosystem overview

    HadoopHave taken a look at Hadoop lately?

    People who do not know Hadoop think it’s a big data technology the same way SQL Server is a technology.

    But Hadoop is more of an ecosystem of different modules interacting together.  This is its major strength and also the source of its major...

  • Strong AI & Existential Risks

    0[1]There has been a recrudescence of hysterical talks about Strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) lately.

    Strong AI is artificial intelligence matching and eventually going beyond the full human cognitive capacity.  Weak AI, by opposition, is the replication of some facets of human cognition:  face recognition, voice recognition, pattern matching, etc.  .


  • Instapaper - HTML Selector

    ip4-icon-big-e1318871822509[2]I use Instapaper a lot.  I discovered it thanks to Hanselman’s blog.

    The only way I found to stay on top of things in technology is to do an aggressive Technology Watch.  I do that by reading hundreds of articles found on the web per week:  blogs,...