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  • Twitter Account

    I finally gave in and I created my own Twitter account.

    Several reasons have motivated my decision:

    • Reaching a different audience
    • Being able to more easily follow other Twitters
    • Not be the only techie without a Twitter account :P

    It will also allow me to publish more stuff with much...

  • Machine Learning - An introduction - Part 1

    As I mentioned before, I did specialize (through graduated studies) in Machine Learning only to drop the field after a few years of trial on the Marketplace.  I felt the field wasn’t ready for prime industrial applications.

    011215_0459_TwentyYears1.jpgYears have past, the field has matured and now is an exciting time to...

  • Azure DocumentDB - Performance Tips

    dt-improved-performance[1]Azure DocumentDB has been released for a little while now.  Once you get passed the usual step of how to connect and do a few hello worlds, you will want to reach for more in-depth literature.  Sooner or later, performance will be on your mind when you’ll want to take...

  • Azure Data Factory Editor (ADF Editor)

    Azure Data Factory is still in preview but obviously has a committed team behind it.


    When I looked at the Service when the preview was made available in last Novembre, the first thing that stroke me was the lack of editor, of designing surface.  Instead, you had to configure...