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  • Deploying an ARM template hierarchy

    ARM templates are a powerful way to deploy Azure resources.

    It’s a declarative language which express the target state. It can therefore be used to create or update resources.

    An ARM template is a JSON file. Once a target is big enough it becomes convenient to split the ARM template into multiple files....

  • Multiple Service Endpoints to multiple services

    Use case: I have a central thingy that needs to talk to a service protected by a service endpoints (e.g. storage account, Azure SQL DB, Azure Maria DB, etc.). That service is also accessible to another compute in other Virtual Networks.

    Is that possible?

    Just to make it a little more concrete, let’s...

  • Requests vs Limits in Kubernetes

    Kubernetes doesn’t know what resources (i.e. CPU & memory) your container needs. That is why you must give it some hints.

    If you run way under capacity and / or fairly similar pods, you do not need to do that. But if you start approaching the maximum capacity of your cluster or if you...