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  • NoSQL implementation concepts

    While familiarizing ourselves with Microsoft new DocumentDB, a solid foundation on NoSQL doesn't hurt.

    A few years ago, I saw a couple of great presentations on Channel9 (from a TechED if I am not mistaken) about Azure Storage. The presenters went into how partitioning works, how requests are routed, how consistency is ensure,...

  • ClickOnce on Azure Blob Storage

    You want to deploy a ClickOnce solution on the web. You are an Azure person and hesitate on how to deploy that using Azure Web Site…

    Don't. Use Blob Storage instead: cheaper, easier and faster.

    On top of that, RobinDotNet has a wonderful blog entry walking you through the details.


    Thank you Robin...

  • Azure DocumentDB: first use cases

    A few weeks ago Microsoft released (in preview mode) its new NoSQL Database: DocumentDB.

    Not Only SQL (NoSQL) databases are typically segmented in the following categories: Key-Value (e.g. Azure Table Storage, Redis), Column (e.g. HBase, Cassandra), Document (e.g. CouchDB, MongoDB) & Graph. By its name but mostly by its feature set, DocumentDB falls in the document category.