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  • Web Socket Protocol

    Web Socket is a new protocol, standardised in RFC 6455, attempting to bring the best features of HTTP & TCP together.  More specifically, it aims at being Connected & full-duplex (as TCP), allowing server to call-back clients and universal (as HTTP).

    This wasn’t done without pain.  Web Socket has a non-trivial handshake process, done over HTTP, after which the...

  • Entity Framework with Asynchronous behaviours

    They finally did it:  the future release of Entity Framework (version 6) will sport asynchronous behaviour based on .NET 4.0 Task Parallel Library (TPL).

    The API is pretty neat.  First the SaveChanges gets an async brother SaveChangesAsync returning a Task.  So we can now write things like:

    await context.SavesChangesAsync();

    The more complicated topic is the queries. ...

  • Unit Testing SharePoint

    Doing automated unit tests in SharePoint isn’t easy.

    As with all libraries that haven’t been designed with unit testing in mind, SharePoint object model doesn’t expose its dependencies:  it connects to a Content Database given the context creating it and there are no ways to redirect it to some stub implementations.

    That is unless you can override method invocations.  This...