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  • More Best Practices for Large-Scale Websites: Lessons from eBay

    Watch this presentation from Randy Shoup, distinguished engineer at eBay.

    He goes on talking about the lessons learned from his organization to scale a service.

    He brings in 10 lessons:

    • Partition Everything
    • Asynchrony Everywhere
    • Automate Everything
    • Everything Fails
    • Embrace Inconsistency
    • Expect (R)evolution
    • Dependencies Matter
    • Respect Authority
    • Never Enough Data
    • Custom Infrastructure

    Those are valuable lessons for any...

  • Web Socket Protocol

    Web Socket is a new protocol, standardised in RFC 6455, attempting to bring the best features of HTTP & TCP together.  More specifically, it aims at being Connected & full-duplex (as TCP), allowing server to call-back clients and universal (as HTTP).

    This wasn’t done without pain.  Web Socket has a non-trivial handshake process, done over HTTP, after which the...