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  • Windows Store App Lifecycle

    MSDN Magazine cool article about Windows Store App (aka Modern App, aka Metro Style app) lifecycle.

    The author, Rachel Appel, raise the veil from how an app is managed by the OS in Windows 8.

    Actually there are few states for an application to be in and few transitions but the devil is in the details!

  • Delaying action at transaction commit

    I am designing a back-end where Database contention is the number-one issue for scalability.

    We use those darn distributed transactions and therefore I do not know how long the transaction my component is participating into will last.  If a transaction remains open for a few seconds, many of those would create contention in the Database my component is using.  This...

  • Convertible Tablet: HP Envy x2

    Finally some competition to Microsoft’s Surface hybrid!

    [youtube] <p>This goes in another direction (compared to Surface).</p> <p>This means the paradigm one-OS multiple hardware vendor is still good for consumers!</p>