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  • Azure Data Explorer (Kusto)

    Let’s talk about Azure Data Explorer (ADX ADX) also known as Kusto.

    If you ask me that is the best kept secret in Azure.

    Well, it isn’t exactly a secret but most people do not know about it or if they do, they just think of it as the back-end...

  • Ingress rules in different Kubernetes namespaces

    In this article I want to show how an ingress controller in Kubernetes can be used to route traffic to workloads deployed in multiple namespaces.

    The online doc for AKS deploys everything in the same namespace. Hence this article is a thin extension to the online doc.

    The basic trick is to deploy...

  • PyCon Canada 2019

    I had the pleasure to attend the PyCon (Python Conference) Canada 2019 in Toronto a weekend ago (November 16-17).

    In this article I wanted to give a quick review of the event from my perspective and then describe quickly the talks I went to.

    Talks will be put on Pycon’s YouTube channel. I’ll...