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  • Service Bus EAI and EDI

    Back in December (2011), Microsoft released the Azure Service Bus EAI & EDI Labs.  This is a sort of CTP with labs.

    It’s built on top of AppFabric Service Bus, but seems to contain much more than raw messaging.

    According to the MSDN documentation, it seems that a lot of BizTalk concepts were re-used.  For instance, look at a...

  • Azure Roadmap 2012

    As other news about Azure spring 2012 roadmap are getting public, I am now at liberty of discussing them.

    Here are the highlights:

    • As I discussed in a previous blog, Windows Azure will support Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), i.e. stateful VM roles.
    • %99.9 availability for single instances ; this is interesting since so...
  • Discovering the full potential of PaaS

    You can read my latest blog post on CGI’s blog here.

    Continuing with Platform as a Service (PaaS), I talk about the specific strengths of PaaS (vs IaaS) and the types of scenarios it enables.

  • IaaS coming to Windows Azure

    As I wrote in my last blog, VM roles aren’t an IaaS offering.

    The good news is that IaaS really is coming to Windows Azure.

    I got the news during a Microsoft training and was under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), but…  the news got public, so let’s talk about it.

    Microsoft should release (soon in CTP?) an IaaS offering. ...

  • VM roles aren’t IaaS

    Back in October 2010 I wrote about the PDC 2010 that the VM Role was bringing IaaS in the Windows Azure offering.

    Well, I was wrong:  VM role isn’t IaaS at all.


    VM roles VMs are stateless as Web & Worker roles are.

    This means you provide a .vhd to Azure ; when the VM gets instantiated, the...