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  • Solution Skill Quadrants–Part I, the model

    For quite a while I’ve been having a model of skill requirements in my head.  That model guided me to analyse situations in different companies, mostly the staffing patterns for the maintenance of applications.  I wanted to formalize it a little more and hence this post.

    I call this model the Solution Skill Quadrants.  Now you might ask what this...

  • Testing out the public cloud

    Do not miss my first entry into CGI’s cloud blog!

    I work for CGI (31K headcount IT Consulting international company based in Montreal, Canada) for a year now.  CGI has been developing a cloud offering for Enterprises and we’ve started a blog around it to get the word out.

    My expertise lies more around Windows Azure & the...

  • WCF Express Interop Bindings

    Something that might come as a surprise for somebody who worked with WCF (even for years) but never had to interoperate with another platform than .NET is how much WCF isn’t interoperable out-of-the-box.

    It isn’t WCF fault really.  It’s SOAP’s fault and its lousy specs.  Well…  not so much lousy as big, complicated and extremely flexible.  The result is that...