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  • Applied SOA: Part 2 – SOA Basics

    SoThis is part of a series of blog post about Applied SOA. The past blog entries are:

    In this article, I’ll cover the basics of SOA.

    The hardest question for an Architect to answer briefly is ‘what is architecture’.  Probably the second hardest question is ‘what is SOA’?  In both cases, if you receive a...

  • Solution Skill Quadrants–Part I, the model

    For quite a while I’ve been having a model of skill requirements in my head.  That model guided me to analyse situations in different companies, mostly the staffing patterns for the maintenance of applications.  I wanted to formalize it a little more and hence this post.

    I call this model the Solution Skill Quadrants.  Now you might ask what this...

  • Testing out the public cloud

    Do not miss my first entry into CGI’s cloud blog!

    I work for CGI (31K headcount IT Consulting international company based in Montreal, Canada) for a year now.  CGI has been developing a cloud offering for Enterprises and we’ve started a blog around it to get the word out.

    My expertise lies more around Windows Azure & the...