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  • Fujitsu launches a Windows Azure Service

    Fujitsu becomes one of the first big company leveraging Windows Azure Appliance to offer a cloud service.

    Microsoft has announced some times ago that it will sell Windows Azure as an appliance to key partners in order to increase cloud offering powered by Azure.

    Microsoft hence positions itself as both a cloud provider and a cloud platform provider, not...

  • Expression Trees: Part 1 – Basics

    I’m currently doing an SOA project and I have to put forward the solution architecture for many aspects of the solution.  If you’ve done a bit of true SOA project (not to get into religious debate, let’s just say ‘where your architecture is oriented around services not just as a remote procedure call mechanism but where the services are first...

  • Windows 8 Top 10 Hidden Features

    Just found this excellent article from Sandro Villinger.

    Have a read if your curious about Windows 8 feature list.  Otherwise, here’s a sneak peak:

    1. Windows App Store
    2. Two UI Mode:  Aero & “Immersive UI”, the latter being touch-friendly and targeting tablets
    3. Hybrid boot:  a combination of Hibernate & Log off allowing you to boot under 30...