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  • A tool for Zune Playlists: KritzZu

    If, like me, you manage your playlists pretty much by folders on your source PC, you probably end up finding it frustrating to use Zune in order to create those playlists on your Windows Phone 7.

    Desperate no more.  There’s a tool I found on a blog allowing you to create those playlist in a few keystrokes, KrizZu:

  • Transport for London Moves to Windows Azure

    I follow quite closely Windows Azure Team blog.  Many of the blog entries consist in “Real World Windows Azure” article where they interview company executive who just moved a piece of mission critical asset from their premise to the cloud using Windows Azure.

    I still wait to see a Canadian example of those post, but so far nothing came by!...

  • Entity Framework Code First CTP 5

    I wrote a blog post a while ago about Entity Framework’s POCO capability.  Basically, the current state is that you don’t have POCO.  You have a T4 template to generate classes without EF attributes or base classes, but it stops short of being a real POCO implementation once you start looking at the collections.

    Microsoft is working on a...

  • BizTalk beyond 2010

    I recently blogged about the future of BizTalk and the roadmap of the product version Windows AppFabric.

    An even more recent blog post shed some light on the topic.

    Biztalk Executive Summary

    We are planning to invest in the following main areas:

    • Deep Microsoft Application Platform Alignment

    • ...