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  • Globalization and web services

    I always found that globalization is the poor child of computer literature.  In any .NET book, you won’t hear specifically about globalization before chapter 23.  You can even tell it’s not shooting high on the radar when you look at the ways globalization was implemented in the three main front-end Frameworks of .NET:  WinForm (great!), ASP.NET (retrofitted in sub-optimal way...

  • First update of Windows Phone 7

    The first update of the Windows Phone 7 is coming soon.  Some people say end-of January others, mid-February 2011.

    Microsoft has started to release information about the new features.

    Not much is known at the moment:

    • Cut & Paste
    • Faster start-up and resume of apps & games
    • Better marketplace search

    copy and paste

  • My new Windows Phone 7

    I finally got into it and bought a Windows Phone 7!

    The device is an HTC Surround.  I’m sure you’ve read plenty of reviews, so here’s just a list of pros and cons of the new OS.

    To give some context, I’m not a huge gadget consumer.  My previous similar device was an iPod Touch first generation.  My previous phone...

  • Surface 2.0

    Microsoft has shown the new Surface table at the CES show.

    The new device is able to be either horizontal or vertical (v 1.0 was horizontal only), is coming with Windows 7 loaded on an AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core Processor 2.9GHz and a GPU AMD Radeon HD 6700M Series.