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  • Shared Access Signature

    I’ve been spinning by head around to understand how to use this Azure Storage concept for quite a while, so I’ve decided to share my findings.

    The most useful web resource I found was this blog entry.  Here I’m gona give a less API-driven approach, which is faster as long as you know which containers / blobs you want...

  • ASP.NET + WIF article

    Here’s an MSDN article about how to integrate WIF into an ASP.NET application:  Passive Authentication for ASP.NET with WIF.

    It doesn’t talk about ADFS it goes into the details of the configuration of WIF.  That’s very interesting since the STS Wizard generates a bunch of configuration but no explanation on what is doing what.

  • Expended feature set in Access Control Service (AppFabric LABS)

    Microsoft just released a new feature set on top of Access Control Service (ACS).  It is currently in “incubation” in AppFabric Labs.  The Azure Labs are charge-free developer previews of features.  They should eventually move to “production” with charge patterns.

    You can see a quick (5 minutes) demo of it on Wade Wegner blog’s.  Wade is a Microsoft Technical...

  • Event bus in Windows Azure

    Ok, that’s it, I’m started for feature requests on Windows Azure with my last Blog Entry, let’s keep going!

    I’ve spoke about how Azure Storage, and more specifically Azure Tables, lack querying capabilities.  Another Azure Storage component, Azure Queues, also lack a big feature:  notification!

    To some extent Azure queues are even less optional than...