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  • PDC 2010 Keynotes

    Today was the first day of the PDC 2010.  Microsoft hosts events all around the world, inviting local partners, where they broadcast the PDC keynotes and have a discussion around that afterwards.  I was in such an event in Montreal.

    Cloud, Device Opportunities Outlined at Professional Developers Conference

  • Ray Ozzie’s October 2010 Memo

    Five years ago, Ray Ozzie, newly arrived at Microsoft, released his famous memo.  In his vision, he showed a transformational path for his company:  Software + Services.

    Despite Ray leaving Microsoft, he just wrote a new memo:  dawn of a new day.

    In this new memo he once again conjure a vision for his company:  continuous services &...

  • The end the Chief Software Architect title @ Microsoft?

    Ray Ozzy is stepping down the Chief Software Architect role at Microsoft.

    He’s going to leave Microsoft in the short future.

    Steve Balmer isn’t naming a new Chief Software Architect for the moment.


    Since Bill Gates left Microsoft, the company has been running from one re-org to the other.  For instance,...