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  • Doing a fetch-attributes on a container using SAS

    I’ve bumped into a funny Windows Azure Storage API feature lately.

    I was trying to read / write the meta data of a blob-container using a Shared Access Signature (SAS) and got a 404 Resource Not Found.

    Well, after flipping my algorithm upside down quite a few times I considered that was by designed.

    It is confirmed, it is by...

  • Shared Access Signature

    I’ve been spinning by head around to understand how to use this Azure Storage concept for quite a while, so I’ve decided to share my findings.

    The most useful web resource I found was this blog entry.  Here I’m gona give a less API-driven approach, which is faster as long as you know which containers / blobs you want...

  • ASP.NET + WIF article

    Here’s an MSDN article about how to integrate WIF into an ASP.NET application:  Passive Authentication for ASP.NET with WIF.

    It doesn’t talk about ADFS it goes into the details of the configuration of WIF.  That’s very interesting since the STS Wizard generates a bunch of configuration but no explanation on what is doing what.

  • Expended feature set in Access Control Service (AppFabric LABS)

    Microsoft just released a new feature set on top of Access Control Service (ACS).  It is currently in “incubation” in AppFabric Labs.  The Azure Labs are charge-free developer previews of features.  They should eventually move to “production” with charge patterns.

    You can see a quick (5 minutes) demo of it on Wade Wegner blog’s.  Wade is a Microsoft Technical...