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  • Alerts on Azure Function failures

    So, you have a few functions running. Maybe some of those functions are important and you would like to be alerted when they fail.

    In this article I’ll cover that exact scenario. We will do that in the following steps:

    • Deploy a recurrent function which fails %50 of the time (by design)
    • Define...
  • Introduction to AKS

    I had the pleasure to present an introduction to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to a customer crowd yesterday.

    A big part of the presentation was a demo of basic functionalities where I went through the creation of pods, deployments, services & looked at monitoring.

    The demo is on GitHub here.

    I thought I would share that as it can...

  • Anatomy of API Management

    When I want to wrap my head around a non-trivial Azure service with a few moving parts, I like to draw a diagram.

    That might be from my UML days or it might just be that I reason better with boxes that concepts spread in documentation and APIs. In general, it helps me...