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  • Over 10 000 customers on Windows Azure

    Mary-Jo Foley published another interesting article about Windows Azure adoption.

    Microsoft has passed the bar of the 10 000 customers using Windows Azure.  The article details the typical workloads observed and does the usual education about Cloud Computing.

    The good news coming with the fact that the demand really exists...

  • Departmental Application Migration to Azure – Part 1

    I’m currently looking at how Windows Azure could help my company.  As a proof-of-concept, I’m going to migrate a departmental application to Windows Azure.

    The application is quite simple, but the migration should contain its share of challenges.  The current application is a simple MS Access front-end exposing a few forms.  The data source is an SQL Server Database.  It...

  • Azure Publish-Subscribe… My new CodePlex project

    I wanted to get some hands-on experience on Windows Azure for quite a while.  I’ve read quite a bit on the topic and saw a good opportunity around the pub-sub area:  if an enterprise wants to move applications in the cloud, sooner or later, there will be a need for a...

  • Private Cloud: Cloud just in name

    Since I started to hear about cloud computing in its current vendor incarnation (Amazon, Google, Microsoft), I’ve seen the same reaction over and over:  “the concept is pretty cool, let’s build it ourselves!”

    That reaction is easy to explain.  Most enterprises have a lot of assets hosted in a data center.  Those assets are now more or less mature and...