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  • BPOS SharePoint 2010

    I finally read an official note from the BPOS team about a bunch of features I was looking for in BPOS, especially for SharePoint.  Mainly:

    • Federated Identity!
    • SharePoint 2010 Online
    • Extranet access for SharePoint online

    There are no date mentioned, but BPOS usually deploys new version quarterly.

    As I mentioned in...

  • Microsoft Online (BPOS)

    I’ve been looking at the BPOS offering for my company.  Since the documentation is quite spread-out on the web, I though a blog post about my findings would be useful.


    First thing, let’s clear out the terminology.  As it is sometimes the case with Microsoft products, it’s not a simple thing.

    Microsoft Online is MS offering for Cloud Services. ...

  • Robust Non-ACID Transaction pattern in Azure

    I’ve been working some more on some detailed design of the Azure Pub-Sub CodePlex project.  This project aims at creating a pub-sub messaging infrastructure running on Windows Azure & using Azure Storage.

    Azure storage doesn’t support ACID transactions in general.  Each operation is a transaction within a given partition, but you can’t span a transaction on many operations.  Now...

  • Overview of OData on Code Project

    I’ve contributed an entry-level article on code project about the Open Data Protocal (OData).

    I go through the basics of the protocol, how it is structured, how to consume it and where I see usage.

    I did this in order to follow suit with an article on ADO.NET around OData and I didn’t have anything to point at for foundation!