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  • I’m a PC

    I found this funny illustration on the web bringing back home the numbers…

  • Back to work!

    I am back to work after two weeks of parental leave.

    Yes, I am blessed to be the father of a very healthy and beautiful daughter.  This is our first kid, so we’re going through the familiar hoops of parenthood, such as sleep depravation.

    I am very happy though.  Seeing a human being evolving on a daily basis is quite...

  • Project Natal has a name: Kinect

    Microsoft is starting to release commercial material about its famous Project Code Name Natal.  The brand name is Kinect.

    I do not know how close they actually came from their original vision, given the time constraints (basically, it had to be shipped for XMas 2010).  Spoken commands seems to be there, I don’t know about hi-res camera...