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  • Project Natal: Minority Report tomorrow?

    Steve Balmer, Microsoft CEO, has been quoted saying Project Natal would be the Most exciting and potentially groundbreaking product Microsoft would deliver this year.

    A specific comment from Balmer did resonate for me:

    Because the technology actually is very general purpose, and we’ll see come into the rest of our lives pretty soon.  It’s a little camera and...

  • Microsoft Docs

    Microsoft has released a beta version of Microsoft Docs, a tailored version of Office Web Apps for Facebook users.

    Any similarity with a package of the same name from Google is pure coincidence :P

  • Open Data Protocol

    Microsoft has moved forward with their REST data-access strategy.  They’ve introduced the Open Data Protocol (oData).  Formally known as Astoria, OData is a web protocol for accessing data using different formats, including AtomPub & JSON. <p>OData is supported in .NET 3.5 SP1.  At first glance, it looks like a fancy way to access data, allowing a...

  • WF 4.0

    After toying with Microsoft Virtual Labs ( on Workflow Foundation (WF) in .NET Framework 4.0, I must say I’m pretty impressed.

    Coupled with Windows Server AppFabric (formally known as Dublin Server), it’s basically BizTalk Server without all the schemas and adapters coming out-of-the-box with BizTalk.  Otherwise, it’s as powerful and actually much easier to use.

    The integration...