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Azure, Apps & Data

  • Azure Front Door with App Service

    Azure Front Door service was recently released.

    Azure Front Door is an interesting service combining the capabilities of:

    • Reverse Proxy (SSL Termination, URL based routing, URL rewrite & session affinity)
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    • Accelerated Global routing
    • Global Load Balancing between geo-distributed backend
    • Some bits of Content Delivery Network (CDN, in the...
  • Authenticating an Azure service principal

    When it comes to using Service Principal in Azure, I always advise using Managed System Identity (MSI).

    MSI is simpler and safer. MSI handles certificate rotations. We never see the certificate. Remember this: the safest secret is the secret you never see.

    But in cases we can’t use MSI, we are going...

  • Deploying an ARM template hierarchy

    ARM templates are a powerful way to deploy Azure resources.

    It’s a declarative language which express the target state. It can therefore be used to create or update resources.

    An ARM template is a JSON file. Once a target is big enough it becomes convenient to split the ARM template into multiple files....