More reliable Replica Sets in AKS – Part 1

Availability is a core architecture attribute often sought after. We’ve taken a look at Azure Managed Kubernetes Cluster (AKS) here.  In this article (part 1), we’re going to experiment and prove that replica set aren’t “highly available” by default.  In part 2 , we’re going to look at how to architect replica sets in Azure … More More reliable Replica Sets in AKS – Part 1

Understanding identities in Azure AKS / Kubernetes

We’ve recently looked at Azure AKS (Kubernetes Cluster Managed Services).  We’ve looked at how to create a Kubernetes Cluster with 3 lines of Azure CLI. With this we are able to interact with the cluster & deploy containers. There is a bit of “auto magic” happening in there.  In this article we will focus on … More Understanding identities in Azure AKS / Kubernetes

Get Started with Kubernetes (AKS) in Azure

A few weeks ago we wrote an article about how to get started with Docker in Azure. This time we’ll do it with Kubernetes using Azure AKS Service. What is Kubernetes? From Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. In the online documentation overview, Kubernetes is further … More Get Started with Kubernetes (AKS) in Azure

Azure Container Registry – Getting Started

When we looked at an overview of Container Services in Azure, we took a look at Azure Container Registry (ACR). A Docker Registry holds Docker images in repositories.  Any agent can build & push those images.  Nodes running Docker containers can then pull those images. The main advantages of using Azure Docker Registry (ACR) are … More Azure Container Registry – Getting Started