Multi-Tenant SaaS with Azure Active Directory B2B & B2C

Scenario:  I’m creating a Software as a Service (SaaS).  I’m having multiple customers & I want to manage their identity.  For some of my customers the users won’t have corporate identity ; I would like to offer them to login using their social identity (e.g. Facebook) if they want to or create an account on … More Multi-Tenant SaaS with Azure Active Directory B2B & B2C

Integration with Azure Service Bus

I’ve been consulting 1.5 years for a customer embarking a journey leveraging Microsoft Azure as an Enterprise platform, helping them rethink their application park. Characteristic of that customer: Lots of Software as a Service (Saas) third parties Business is extremely dynamic, in terms of requirements, transitions, partnerships, restructuring, etc. Medium operational budget:  they needed to … More Integration with Azure Service Bus

Azure Key Vault

Has somebody been peeking on my X-mas list? Indeed, one of the weakness of the current Azure Paas solution I pointed out last year was that on non-trivial solutions you end up with plenty of secrets (e.g. user-name / password, SAS, account keys, etc.) stored insecurely in your web.config (or similar store). I was suggesting, … More Azure Key Vault

Large Projects

There is something about large projects that you’ll never find, hence never learn, in smaller projects. The complexity, both technical and in terms of people dynamics, creates an all new set of challenges. I read the article I Survived an ERP Implementation – Top 10 Gems of Advice I Learned the Hard Way at the … More Large Projects

Securing Azure Messaging Service Bus access

I am currently working on a very exciting project involving systems integration across the Azure Messaging Service Bus. I thought I would share some of the painfully acquired knowledge nuggets with you. About %90 of examples you’ll find on Internet uses Azure Bus SDK with ‘owner’. That is basically ‘admin’ privilege because owner has read/write … More Securing Azure Messaging Service Bus access