Analysing Application Logs with DocumentDb

Azure DocumentDB is Microsoft Document-centric NoSQL offering in the cloud. I’ve been working with it since Septembre 2014 and I wanted to share a use case I found it really good at:  log analysis. Now that takes some context.   I have been working for a customer using Microsoft Azure as a development Platform.  Applications were … More Analysing Application Logs with DocumentDb

SQL Server 2016

Here’s a rundown of my favourite new features in SQL Server 2016, largely inspired by the SQL Server Evolution video. Impact of Cloud-First on SQL Design This is a really nice illustration of the consequences of Cloud-First for Microsoft products. SQL has been basically flipped around as a product.  When SQL Azure was introduced years ago, … More SQL Server 2016

The limits of DocumentDB Preview Release

I was looking for the limits of DocumentDB Standard Tier, the only tier available during the preview release.  It wasn’t all too trivial to find so here it is: Among the limits that may constrain your solution: Only 3 collections per Capacity Unit (but 100 Databases, the container of collections, per account) 25 stored … More The limits of DocumentDB Preview Release

DocumentDB Async Querying & Streaming

UPDATE (31-08-2017):  This article is superseded by the new article Cosmos DB Async Querying & Streaming. Working with the .NET client SDK of Azure DocumentDB, I couldn’t find a way to query the store asynchronously. ***This post relates to the version 0.9.1-preview of Microsoft Azure DocumentDB Client Library. If you work with another major version, this might … More DocumentDB Async Querying & Streaming