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Windows NT vs VMS

Very interesting article from Mark Russinovich dating from Decembre 1998:

Windows NT and VMS: The Rest of the Story

Russinovich explains how David Cutler lead Windows NT after leaving digital and how he and his team borrow from their work on VAX machines.

The article goes on explaining the similarities between Windows NT & VMS (OS of VAX) and by doing so goes into some of the low level details of Windows NT with Russinovich’s talent to explain complex systems in few lines.


A must read!


Windows 8 Top 10 Hidden Features

Just found this excellent article from Sandro Villinger.

Have a read if your curious about Windows 8 feature list.  Otherwise, here’s a sneak peak:

  1. Windows App Store
  2. Two UI Mode:  Aero & “Immersive UI”, the latter being touch-friendly and targeting tablets
  3. Hybrid boot:  a combination of Hibernate & Log off allowing you to boot under 30 seconds
  4. Automatic Maintenance:  happening on PC idle time, it detects problems, fix them & defrag all hard drives.
  5. Disk Defragmenter & Spot Verifier:  the new defrag handles Solid State Drive (SSD) while the spot verifier detects bad sectors
  6. Performance boost:  apparently Windows 8 has better response time than Windows 7 with identical configuration (machine).  Microsoft probably addressed contention point in the memory model to allow more parallelism & do more aggressive “perceived performance” optimization.
  7. Clicks reduction:  the UI is optimized to reduced the amount of user interaction in order to accomplish different tasks
  8. Windows Explorer:  Redesigned, comes with a ribbon and again reduces the amount of click required to accomplished typical tasks.
  9. ISO Mounting:  Windows 8 comes with ISO mounting capability out-of-the-box, no more needs to download a 3rd party for that.
  10. Shadow copy management:  allows you to go back in time to restore old versions of a folder.