Introduction to AKS

I had the pleasure to present an introduction to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to a customer crowd yesterday. A big part of the presentation was a demo of basic functionalities where I went through the creation of pods, deployments, services & looked at monitoring. The demo is on GitHub here. I thought I would share … More Introduction to AKS

Azure App Service Authentication with Azure Front Door

Last time, we looked at Azure Front Door being used as a reverse proxy in front of Azure App Service. We are going to increase the difficulty level today by looking at how to implement Azure AD authentication(also called easy auth) in Azure App Service behind Azure Front Door. Although that seems like an incremental … More Azure App Service Authentication with Azure Front Door

Azure Front Door with App Service

Azure Front Door service was recently released. Azure Front Door is an interesting service combining the capabilities of: Reverse Proxy (SSL Termination, URL based routing, URL rewrite & session affinity) Web Application Firewall (WAF) Accelerated Global routing Global Load Balancing between geo-distributed backend Some bits of Content Delivery Network (CDN, in the form of caching … More Azure Front Door with App Service